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Reishi Mushroom Tincture 2 oz.

Some things Reishi Mushroom Tincture may help with:

Reishi Mushroom is an adaptogen, which means it works with multiple systems of the body to help support your ability to cope with external stressors and change. Because of this, Reishi is also immunomodulating, so it works in harmony with your immune system to enhance your body’s natural defense system or even balance out an overreactive immune response.
Reishi also encourages healthy cell growth, is great for the liver and kidney, supports cardiac function, and has neuroprotective and nerve growth properties to help with memory and cognitive function. Reishi has also been shown to have anti-cancer effects, is antioxidant, a nervine, and…so much more. I love Reishi Mushroom so much, and I hope you do, too!


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1 review for Reishi Mushroom Tincture 2 oz.

  1. Nelly Vargas

    I am going to start by saying, I seriously believe there is magic in this. Anyone who knows me, can say how easily I get sick, and unfortunately when I get sick I crash hard, and it last forever. Since I started my journey with this reishi tincture, I have not been sick. Not exaggerating!. I began in October of 2019..And literally since then I have not been ill. That is huge for ME, given how often I got sick and how easy it was for me to get sick. Back in October, I went on 2 trips back to back. I always counted on getting sick after a trip because that was just the norm for me since I have a terrible immune system. After my first trip, during the first day of the second trip, I started to feel like I was coming down with something (as usual for me) I began using this reishi tincture to see if it would help me, along with other natural remedies. I ended up not getting completely sick that time, and since then I have not gotten sick. I take the reishi tincture religiously every day. I have not really changed anything else in my diet or habits that I can say may have boosted my immune system. I also made a huge move on New Years, and went from living in hot Florida, to cold North Carolina. I was so stressed and exhausted and not taking care of myself that I knew I was going to end up sick for sure this time. But thankfully, I did not, and STILL have not, through all the changes, and weather adjustments, and stress, and travel, I am still standing strong. I will NOT say that this will be the case with everyone, as everyone’s body handles things differently, but if you are here to learn about some real life experiences with this Reishi tincture, well that’s my story.
    Cannot wait for this to be back in stock!

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